La Re-Source is a house of help and shelter for women and children, who are victims of conjugal violence. 

As a non-profit organization, we offer a safe refuge which is confidential and secure to women who are in need of our services.  At La Re-Source there are case-workers who work with women and their children helping them break the cycle of violence and regain power over their lives.

  • The direction of our organization is assured by a council of admistrators composed of five (5) members, who receive their mandates from our members of the assembly who are elected during our annual meeting.
  • The council sees to the direction of the Human Ressources.
  • The council puts together a strategic plan in order to answer to our needs and our mission
  • The council assures transparency by communicating information to the members, the community and to those interested eradicating the on slot of conjugal violence. 
  • The council establishes appropriate structure so as to assure quality of work and that the services and work conditions are met. 
  • The counsil sees to the quality of the services offered to the women and children are met. The council oversees to the responsibility of finances, the supervision of expenses having to do with different projects and the upkeep of the premises.
  • The council assures the maintenence and the development of a network of different community partners in order to faciliate life for women and children …victims of conjugal violence.
  • The concil works in total colaboration with the house co-ordinator, who answers to the needs at all levels.


  • Offer a safe and secure refuge, services of help that are free and confidential to women and children who are victims of conjugal violence.
  • Work with women and children who are victims in order for them to be able to respect their own needs, to see their own potential, their own power to decide their fate, their capabilities to act and to take back power over their lives.  This is done by respecting the rythum of each individual.
  • Highten awareness , educate and inform society to the problems of conjugal violence.
  • Work towards enhancing the lives and the living conditions of women and children.
  • Administer the orgaization with the help of an Administrative Council.