Certain measures facilitating a healthy and safe management of situations of domestic violence may have been already implemented in your business, like an aid program for employees, a policy of zero-tolerance towards violence or a policy of conciliation between work and family. We recommend an adjustment of your written policies to make sure that a person experiencing a situation of domestic violence can access existing help measures, like psychological support or a floating holiday bank with no salary loss. The fact that this person inevitably goes through a precarious financial situation has to be taken into account.

The victim should know that the situation she is living justifies the use of the services you offer.

A specific response procedure for domestic violence situations could be developed, or the existing psychological harassment procedure adapted and handed out. This initiative would establish the way to go if an employee's safety or that of the whole team is at risk. These measures could, for example, give the victim preferential access to parking lots located closer from the entrance.

These measures could involve informing security guards by showing them pictures of the aggressor, and tell them that they cannot access the building. They could also offer a filtering of the victim's phone calls, or a temporary or permanent transfer in another facility or city.

They could provide for the travel expenses of an employee leaving the city. Finally, you could also meet your employee's representatives regarding their safety and innovate with new and unique measures adapted to your business.

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