Preventing domestic violence in workplaces

Why does violence in romantic relationships must be a concern in workplaces?

Health and safety are a concern in our workplaces. More and more, the general welfare of employees is considered by human resources managers.

Domestic violence has a considerable impact on the well-being and safety of the people involved and their entourage.  It occurs between two people in an intimate relational context, whether heterosexual or homosexual, in early dating or during the relationship, and may continue after a break up. It happens regardless of age, nationality, level of education or economic status.

Domestic violence, which is the seeking of power by a person over the other, is characterized by gestures, attitudes, or words that depreciate and control the other. The less supported and surrounded the victim is, the easier she can be kept under control through intense and repeated acts of violence

  • psychologically;
  • verbally;
  • physically;
  • sexually;
  • economically.

Workplaces should therefore prevent violence in their team members’ love relationships.

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