2nd stage

How does a 2nd stage house work?

A second step is the continuity of a first stage. These are dwellings occupied by people who have stayed in a 1st stage house.

There is a life code, and there are some tasks to do in order to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the house and within the group.

It is a transitional period between the 1st stage and a new home. Case workers are there to help you in your efforts, to help you recover control and to guide you in your journey after suffering from domestic violence.

What exactly is included?

All our accommodations are furnished and lit, and have Wi-Fi and a Videotron subscription, in addition to having access to parking.

What do you mean by furnished accommodation?

At the 2nd stage house, all appliances are included. The bedrooms also have all the necessary furniture (beds, mattresses, bedside tables, dressers). As for the living rooms, they are also furnished by a sofa, a coffee table, a bookcase, a TV stand and a TV. The kitchen contains a dining set and a microwave. All rooms are also equipped with curtain poles.

What is the duration of a stay in the second stage?

The duration of a stay at La Re-Source Phase 2 is a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year.

When can I submit an application for the second stage and do you have a waiting list?

The Re-Source phase 2 posts its availabilities one month before a unit becomes available. We inform all the 1st stage houses, so that the case workers can discuss it with their guests, so you can send your request at that time.

If a request is sent, but we have no availability, it will not be considered. We do not have a waiting list.

How many places are there in La Re-Source Phase 2?

The 2nd stage house offers two 3 1/2 units for women without children, four 4 1/2 dwellings for women with one or two children and two 5 1/2 units for women with two or more children.

Can children share a room?

Yes, children under the age of 7 can share the same room.

Is there a life code and tasks to do as at the first stage?

Yes, the operation is similar, despite some minor differences due to the reality of community housing.

Will my loved ones be able to see me at the 2nd stage?

Yes, two people are allowed to visit you, they must be indicated on the list of visitors that you give to the case workers.

These people must be women.

Will I be able to bring my pets to La Re-Source Phase 2?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the accommodation.

When you call us, we can discuss other solutions with you and give you referrals.

Service dogs or guide dogs are allowed, due to their necessity to the owner.

If I have a physical limitation, can I still be accommodated?

Before accepting you, we will have to assess your level of autonomy. Some physical conditions can be accommodated at La Re-Source Phase 2. However, there are some limitations because of the way the units are built.

What do I need to provide when I sign an agreement at La Re-Source 2?

Before your move, you are asked to provide a deposit of $125 in cash, the amount of your rent in cash or by cheque, the list of people authorized to visit you and your tenant insurance document.