Forms of violence

Punches or slaps, humiliating jokes, verbal threats; domestic violence takes several forms.

Domestic violence is characterized by the will of a member of the couple to gain power over the other using all necessary means. How is he able to achieve this power?

There are several ways the victim can be dominated: by humiliating, isolating, scaring, or hurting her, or by making her feel inferior in order to destroy her self-confidence. Therefore; the forms of violence vary. Usually, the abuser will use more than one way to dominate his victim and will make sure to find out what forms of violence have the strongest impact, and use them against her.

Here is a brief description of how each of these forms might manifest on a daily basis.

Within these forms of violence, it is important to recognize the strategy the abuser is using to manipulate his spouse. Strategies will often be adapted to the victim’s reactions. For example, if a woman is well surrounded and has a strong social network, her abuser might firstly try to humiliate and degrade her in front of her friends, or even assault her in order to isolate her. The less supported and surrounded she is, the easier she can be kept under control. Tailor made violence!